Concluding CIF Safety Week 2021 hero

Concluding CIF Safety Week 2021


As another safety week draws to a close we look at today’s topic for Day 5 Managing Hazardous Energies and we looked at this subject with a special focus on electrical hazards which our people deal with on a daily basis. From the risk of electrocution to arc flash hazards the need for our people to be trained, aware and follow the plan is critical to managing these risks.

In Ireland, there have been 40 electrocutions or deaths from explosive/burning effects of electricity from 2001 to the end of 2020. Of those, 25 deaths have been associated with a work activity. The remaining 15 have occurred in domestic settings or as a result of trespass, vandalism or fallen power lines. Furthermore, EU statistics reveal that an estimated 400 to 500 arc flash accidents occur in the UK each year, typically resulting in four to five deaths.

Rarely you get a second chance when working with hazardous energies!
Remember these control measures for electrical safety:

  •  Train people that will work with energised systems (COHE & Arc Flash)
  •  Use an electrical work permit system
  •  Ensure that exposed live conductors are always protected.
  •  Confirm single-line diagrams for accuracy and available fault current
  •  Provide on site local training and job briefings.
  •  Plan the task carefully – RAMS and detailed S.P.A
  •  Use suitably rated arc flash PPE & tools while working with energized equipment
  •  Take the time to plan properly and prepare the panel to maximize protection levels
  •  Have an emergency plan in place


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