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STS Group Provides Services to the Utilities Sector Across Europe

STS have executed a number of prestigious utilities projects

STS personnel have executed a number of prestigious power projects, designing and building substations from 10kv to 220kv, typically on an EPC – engineering, procurement and construction - basis, managing all elements of the projects from design, through procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance. STS takes full responsibility for the complete balance of plant – BOP -  electrical control and instrumentation.

related projects

MV Generator Project, Luterbach, Switzerland
MV Generator Project, Luterbach, Switzerland hero


Biogen MV Generator Project

STS were appointed as the Design and Build contractor to carry out the following scope of services as part of Biogen’s Generator Project:

  • 2 no. 2MW containerized Diesel Generators complete with day tanks
  • Generators were stepped up from 400V to 16kV using separate 2.5MVA transformers
  • The HV side of the transformers were connected to a new 16kV Switchboard with capacity for future generator connections
  • The new switchboard was connected to neutral earthing resisters fed through zig zag transformers for earthing the generators under various switching operations
  • The new 16kV board was also connected to two existing network supplies via existing 2no. 16kV existing switchboards
  • The generators were integrated to the plant BMS to provide fuel to the day tanks based on the fuel levels in the day tanks
  • Generator power outputs were also fed to the external network for monitoring
  • All Generator / Traffos / Switchgear / PMS / BMS Fuel systems commissioned
Substation Extension, Dublin, Ireland
Substation Extension, Dublin, Ireland hero


110kV Substation Extension

STS Group were appointed as electrical contractor the extension of this Dublin based 110kV Substation. STS Groups scope of service included the following:

  • Complete fit out of client control room and all LV,ELV systems within same
  • Supply and install 1 number 110kv/20 KV 20/35mva transformer (Co-ordinate all FAT, delivery and specialist off-loading of transformers)
  • Supply and install all secondary steelwork and CT’s/VT’s associated with MV side of transformer
  • Design supply and install all protection panels associated with control cabling
  • Install free issue ESN metering cabling and erect ESB metering equipment
  • Co-ordinate commissioning with ESB Revenue metering division
  • Commission all systems and hand over to ESBN for final commissioning
  • Complete interface testing with ESBN commissioners
Gas Powered Plant, Dublin, Ireland
Gas Powered Plant, Dublin, Ireland hero


Turnkey Installation for a confidential clients Gas Powered Plant

Turnkey installation of an 18.2 MW Gas Generation Plant for temporary MV power to a confidential Clients Data Centre. STS Groups scope of service included the following:

  • Design
  • Civil, Works
  • MV Installation
  • MEP Installations
  • Commissioning and handover of Plant
  • Operation of Plant
  • Decommission plant once permanent MV power was available to site
Project Cloghran, Dublin, Ireland
Project Cloghran, Dublin, Ireland hero


Project Cloghran Phase 2 & 3

STS were contracted for the works on Project Cloghran for phases 2 & 3. The scope of this project included:

  • Design and submittal process with Eirgrid/ESB on all equipment with ESB
  • 3 No. 35MVA transformers, CTs/VTs and NERs including offloading, installation, assembly, commissioning and energisation
  • Installation of all AIS yard equipment including 11kN bus bars, sectionalising disconnector/circuit breakers, bus bar disconnectors, surge arrestors, marshalling kiosks
  • Installation of all yard/equipment earthing system
  • Installations, termination & testing of 1600mm Al Feeder cable from AIS station to transformers
  • Installation of all associated power and control cabling
  • Installation and termination of power and control cabling on behalf of ESB within AIS yard
  • Design and fit out of client control building including all protection panels, UPS, MDB, House and essential services distribution boards
HV Substation, Dublin, Ireland
HV Substation, Dublin, Ireland hero


220Kv Substation

STS are currently working for a confidential data center client in the delivery of a design and build contract for a 220kV GIS Substation in Dublin . The scope of this project included:

  • Prepare and submit planning documentation
  • Design of GIS substation, 220kv cable routes, transformer bays and client control building.
  • Installation of all 220kV & 24Kv cabling and termination
  • Installation of 220 kV GIS switchgear and high voltage testing
  • Switching plans, progress reports, commissioning plans and oversight of electrical safety procedures
  • Perform HV AC, VLF, tan delta and partial discharge testing on all 220 kV and 24 kV cables
  • Commissioning  and hand over to Eirgrid the 220kV GIS Substation
  • Commission and handover to client the 24kv Client Control Building
Project Airton, Dublin, Ireland
Project Airton, Dublin, Ireland hero


Project Airton GIS Building

STS were contracted for the works on the Airton GIS Building in Tallaght, Dublin. The scope of this project included:

  • Detailed interfacing with ESB and ESBI on all items relating to the GIS- fortnightly meetings with ESB
  • Electrical services fit out of GIS substation including LV supply from adjacent client control building
  • Installation of free issue ESB equipment including distribution boards
  • Three bay transformer area- presently two number 63MVA transformer installed and assembly/build out
  • Engagement of specialist heavy lift contractors to install 65-ton transformers, full reviews of all lifting plans and installation methodology
  • Fit out of client control building and all associated equipment.
  • Installation and cabling of ESB interface kiosks
  • Installation, termination and testing of MV off loader cables from 63MVA transformer to 20KV switchgear located  MV switch room
  • Relocate 63MVA Traffo to DUB 56