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STS Group Provides Services to the Transport Sector

STS personnel have executed a number of prestigious transport projects

STS personnel have provided electrical and mechanical engineering support to some of Ireland’s and the world’s major transport and infrastructural projects. These projects have been delivered on active working sites with no loss of business continuity from the design stage phase, through procurement, construction and commissioning. STS staff members are highly trained and experienced professionals whose expertise in this sector is deep and wide-ranging. We have delivered on time and within budget some of the most complex and demanding transport projects where safety is paramount and delivery within budget and on time is crucial for the successful delivery of the overall project. 

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Airport Electrical Reconfiguration
Airport Electrical Reconfiguration hero


Dublin Airport, Pier 3, Reconfiguration project
Project Value
6 Months
Peak Duration

The Pier 3 re-configuration project was to supply passenger loading bridges, ground power units, high mast lighting and advanced visual clocking guidance systems as well as stand indicator signs. STS executed the electrical portion of this project.